Body Treatments

Classical Swedish -Relaxing

Is a whole body massage style, which is very relaxing and de-stressing. The perfect massage for those times in life, when you want a little “me time” to just relax and get rid of general aches and pains. regular Swedish massage is a great way of lowering stress levels and helping keep muscles in optimum condition.
Manipulation of the tissues can help relax and tone muscles, soothe the nervous system, reduce or manage pain, encourage lymphatic flow, reduce swelling, improve respiratory function, and increase the activity of the immune system.

Holistic Massage (usage of sanction cups and Gua Sha tools when needed)

Holistic massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole by recognizing that illness and stress affects not only our physical but also our emotional, spiritual and mental well-being,
It leads to better circulation, less physical tension and deeper breathing, which oxygenates the entire body.

Gua Sha

Holistic therapeutic body treatment for toxin elimination, pain relief, cellulite,  and improvement of skin appearance

Lymphatic Drainage

For Detoxification, removal of swellings and overall improvement of body fluid circulation

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Face Treatments

 Free Style – a mixture of techniques including acupressure and face cupping when needed

Gua sha – Increases the Qi flow

Facial gua sha is an ancient traditional technique used in Chinese Medicine. “Gua sha” literally translates as “scraping sand” but this is a bit misleading. “Gua” means the technique of scraping the skin and “sha” actually refers to transitory therapeutic petechiae…tiny little red or purple spots of blood that result from broken capillaries. Thus gua sha is a scraping technique that uses an instrument to bring up the “sha” for therapeutic benefit.
When the Qi (vital energy) is flowing uninhibited, the blood circulation and lymphatic flow will be optimal. This allows for efficient cell regeneration and tissue repair. Studies have shown that gua sha can increase blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage, increase immune function and reduce allergic responses. This results in increased tissue healing, increased cell protection from oxidative damage, reduced inflammation, reduced fever, and reduced pain. These effects have been measured immediately after treatment and for several days following gua sha treatment.

Chiropractic Face Lifting – Lifting, firming , wrinkle smoothing


Quick Reliefs

Back Massage

One of the most common and beneficial parts of the body for massage is the back, since the nerves run through the spine. Your back muscles can become very tense due to overuse or repetitive use. Massage on the back alleviates tightness and pain felt in these area.

Foot Massage

Massaging the feet can alleviate anxiety and bring about a deep state of relaxation.  it can also promote health and well-being since most of the sensory nerves of your internal organs are in your feet.

Cellulite Reduction – Cupping Method

Last Touches for Detox – Scrubs  for boosting  or relaxing depending on your needs only with Himalayan Salt

Traditional Asian Steam Treatment

Stream Therapy

Since the time of the Greek, Roman and Asian empires, steam therapy has been known to promote overall health and well-being. Steam therapy produces a moist heat, which is thought to have therapeutic benefits for cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Encourages a relaxed state and fosters overall well-being. Releases toxins from your skin through your sweat. Warms mucous membranes, soothes sore throat and opens nasal passages. Improves circulation and helps reduce muscle pain. May help increase better quality sleep patterns. Opens pores and leaves skin with a healthy glow

A 15 -20 minute session perfect to combine with a full body massage



In reflexology, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot. Beyond the feel-good effects of the treatment, the practice and purpose go deeper than the skin and muscles. Kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel and pushing deep into the arch are just a few of the movements you’ll experience during a treatment. In short, reflexology, on the other hand, uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. The treatment usually focuses on the feet, but it can also include the hands and ears.

Crystal Reflexology

Crystal Reflexology works on the same principles of Reflexology, but the difference is Crystal Reflexology uses crystals to enhance the treatment and give greater results.

Meditative Crystal Reflexology

Meditative Crystal Reflexology works on the same principles of Crystal Reflexology, but the difference is Meditative Crystal Reflexology uses a meditation through out the treatment to enhance your conscious participation in the therapy.

Vital Energy Treatments


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for re balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as chi or qi (chee). Acupuncture helps boost wellbeing and few conditions it is used for include different kinds of pain, such as headaches, blood pressure problems, and whooping cough, among others.

Bioenergetic Therapy

The Bioenergetic therapy is a method that intervenes with the energy of a person by balancing the dynamic centers ( or else chakras) of man for the purpose of wellness, serenity and the avoidance or healing of medical and mental diseases.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or else yogic sleep, is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, induced by a guided meditation. Yoga Nidra can be used in therapy to help people recover from physical and psychological exhaustion and illness.